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Who I've Worked With

- Dom Bond, Cornwall 2019 


‘David not only employs life coaching tools and structures as a trained professional, he also has a strong and creative sense of intuition and a real desire to empower me to nurture my growth. Working with him is a joyful and energising journey!’ 

- Philippa, Amsterdam 2020

Before David and I worked together, we initially met on a yoga retreat in Cornwall. He was such a joy to talk to and before you knew it he was getting into the topics that really mattered, he has a wonderful intuition and sensitivity which makes him an incredible person to talk to. I knew I wanted to continue our conversations with The Salty Sage as I was experiencing some conflict in my career and needed some clarity on how to move forward.

David has the ability to uncover what really matters to you most and provide coaching tools for you which will enable you to achieve your true passion in life. Couldn't recommend The Salty Sage enough!

- Ailsa, London 2020

Conversations with David are imbued with warmth, a sense of fun and fresh perspectives - creating a space in which positive change can and does happen.

David has supported me in rethinking my approach to challenging situations, helping to clear the fog and regain clarity over my priorities.   David offers a safe and empathetic space coupled with practical strategies for personal development that I can highly recommend for anyone who’s looking to evolve their journey!

- Tia, Cornwall 2020

David has a true and unique approach to coaching, using his wealth of life experiences, kindness and natural ability to really listen and give advice and feedback in such a compassionate and mentoring way, I would highly recommend David to anyone. Also I would really like to thank you David, I feel I am in a much better place. 

- Ben, Cornwall 2020

If this sounds right for you, get in touch to schedule an initial, free ‘chemistry’ session and begin the conversation...

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