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options for working together...

Our time working together always begins with a free, confidential, no obligation, one-to-one chemistry session. Because to do great work, we need a good connection.

Usually via Skype or FaceTime, the session is at no charge to you and lasts around half an hour to forty minutes.

If we both feel we can work well together I will ask you to do a bit of homework before the next session; it's fun and lighthearted and will give us a picture of where you are now, what energises and motivates you, and where you see areas of your life that you would like to change.

At the chemistry session we would also discuss a 'package' of sessions, usually two weeks or so apart, allowing us to dig deep and really understand what your goals are and where you want to get to. 

The following working sessions are usually about 90 minutes, however I always allow space after our allocated time so that if we are on a roll we can continue, sometimes up to two hours! After all, your goals are our objective, so if we need more time in our session, then we should take it.

To come to a robust and clearly defined set of goals usually takes three full sessions and each session is priced at £80 (€90).

A package of three sessions, paid in advance, is £210 (€235).

If you have any further questions about the process, price or packages, please just ask.

Be the change you want to see, get in touch to arrange a no obligation, no charge, one-to-one consultation. My support will help you see and be the difference you seek.

'David was such a joy to talk to and before you knew it he was getting into the topics that really mattered, he has a wonderful intuition and sensitivity which makes him an incredible person to talk to. I knew I wanted to continue our conversations with The Salty Sage as I was experiencing some conflict in my career and needed some clarity on how to move forward.

David has the ability to uncover what really matters to you most and provide coaching tools for you which will enable you to achieve your true passion in life. Couldn't recommend The Salty Sage enough!'

- Ailsa, London 2020

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