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and where to go from here...

Whilst this moment in history is a tragic and painful time for far too many, for some, it opens real opportunities for positive change.

Only a few saw it coming, but somehow a big red pause button has been pressed, and its effects will almost certainly change the world forever. How it will change is in many ways up to us.

A lurch to an authoritarian 'right', where our movements are constantly monitored and controlled and we become disposable pawns in a global power struggle.

Or.... an empowered, compassionate people with a new world of bright, gifted and connected leaders, taking seriously the challenges we, as a species, and our home, the planet, are facing, addressing the crazy inequalities that currently exist and making a better world where love, care and happiness are highly valued and the natural environment is recognised as the amazing place that it is. 

The seeds for positive change are being sown right now..

Let's take this gift of a time to pause and reflect and seize the opportunity to create clarity and revise our priorities. Let me help you do just that and help create a better life for you, those you care about and the world we live in...

Lockdown and Where To Go...: About
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